Meetings   will   re-commence   as   per   the   schedule   below.   We   will be   meeting   in   a   larger   venue   -   Room   4   in   the   Manor   House   using a   large   screen   to   show   the   displays   and   Social   Distancing   will   be required    along    with    face    masks    to    meet    the    requirement    of Teignbridge     Council     Conditions.     See     our     Meetings     Risk Assessment 12/05/21   -   ZOOM   Meeting   -   “French   Wartime   Mail”   -   Bill   Lusty   and “Plating Early GB Stamps” - Pete Halmkin Meetings    start    at    7.00pm    promptly.    The    speakers    will    be    using philatelic material to aid in the telling of their stories. ZOOM   meetings    last   approx   25   mins   for   each   presentation   with   a question   time   after   each   presentation.   These   are   very   high   quality presentations   and   well   worth   seeing.   You   do   not   need   to   be   a   club member to join these meetings. - Request a Link for the meeting You can find us - Here VISITORS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME