Meetings   will   re-commence   as   per   the   schedule   below. We   will   be   meeting   in   a   larger   venue   -   Room   4   in   the Manor   House   using   a   large   screen   to   show   the   displays and   Social   Distancing   will   be   required   along   with   face masks   to   meet   the   requirement   of   Teignbridge   Council Conditions. See our Meetings Risk Assessment 09/09/20 - Cyprus 1878-1960 - Jim Wigmore 14/10/20 - Annual Auction 11/11/20 - This meeting will be held on ZOOM attendees should obtain an access link for the meeting VISITORS ARE WELCOME 09/12/20    -    ZOOM    meeting    with    presentations    by    DSC member   Jim   Wigmore   on   Cyprus   Airmail   from   1926   and     Visitor   John   Biddlecombe   on   Adhesive   Stamps   of   New Zealand - Request a Link for the meeting 13/01/21 - ZOOM Meeting 10/02/21 - ZOOM Meeting (WATCH THIS SPACE) 10/03/21 - Victorian GB - John Harrison Meetings start at 7.00pm promptly. You can find us - Here VISITORS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME